logistic complex

Almost everyone knows that the main objective of logistics is to maximize the match of business to changing market conditions, which is determined by the lowest cost and the benefits of competition.

The solution of the basic logistics tasks is defined at the operational level of the company management and includes the following:

- Collection, accumulation and transfer of information about the movement of material flows;

- Planning, formation and maintenance of inventory;

-Selection and justification of logistics facility (customs warehouse, distribution center, commercial base, etc.);

- Management of warehouse processing of material flow;

- Product packaging as required to supply and quality maintaining;

- Selection of the type of vehicles to deliver goods to customers;

- Organization and planning of delivery to customers;

In addressing these challenges, entrepreneurs have problems of different nature and etiology.

Our company is ready to solve any logistics problems by selecting the most effective solutions for workflow and individual approach to each of its customers.

While working with the "Karpaty-Logistik", clients receive a wide range of benefits that can increase the efficiency of their logistics by overcoming many of the problems associated with the development of their own businesses.

By working with us you will get a number of the following benefits:

- Optimization of the cost of goods storage;

- Reducing the cost of cargo handling;

- Personal and flexible approach to each client;

- Easy to control and manage inventory;

- Reliability of service;

- High level of service;