logistic complex

Customs warehouse is one of the customs procedures under which imported goods are stored under customs control without payment of customs duties and taxes and without application of economic policies during the storage period.

"Karpaty-Logistik" provides custody services for goods in temporary storage  warehouses (WTS) of open type.

The total area of the warehouses is over 1000 sq.m.

We provide custodial services in bonded warehouses, which allows you to store different categories of goods within the specified period with the possibility of returning them to the customer.

Among our custody services, we also provide:

- Customs clearance

- Storage of simple and customs cargo

- Different types of goods overload

- Shipping and receiving of bulky goods to the warehouse

- Control of documents and product packaging

- Acquisition of orders

- Centralized security system

- Parking

The company "Karpaty-Logistik" invites you to cooperation and guarantees high quality services!