logistic complex

For many companies that decide to build their own warehouses and delivery of their lease, warehouse may be something new and unknown. The fact is that the warehouse is quite a complicated business segment, which operates by its own rules: warehouse logistics, security, networking, etc. Understanding them requires much time and effort. And in the current economic situation time and money are almost identical terms. The decisive alternative construction or lease warehouse space becomes custody. This is one of the areas in which "Karpaty-Logistik" operates.

For our clients we also offer additional services such as inventory management and accounting of the goods. In addition, each customer can check the integrity of the cargo at any time, its content and accuracy of the amount. Storage of goods involves not only the internal control over their safety, but also insurance of goods when placed into storage.

We understand how important the cargo load is for each client, so we are ready to take responsibility for its safety.

Custody storage of goods gives customers the following benefits:

1. Your product reaches our experts, ensuring its preservation for a period of a contract for the provision of storage services.

2. Your company can focus on running core business, without worrying about storage organization products.

3. You have the opportunity to save significant financial and human resources, because due to our services there is no need to build your own warehouses and hire additional staff to service them.

Assets of "Karpaty-Logistik" and professional staff will not let you doubt that we are fully responsible for the goods at any level of value. In addition, we have round the clock security and fire safety systems, affecting the level of professional and secure storage of goods. "Karpaty-Logistik" provides a full range of storage and handling (e.g. repackaging) of cargo loads. So if you are interested in the custody of goods and services, "Karpaty-Logistik" has the experience in this field and all the conditions for secure placement of your goods.