logistic complex

Pursuing professional rental storage, our company offers a full range of services in this area. Rental stock is no longer a problem, and you can safely carry out your work relying on our company. With specializing in the warehouse renting we have achieved considerable success.

List of services provided by "Karpaty-Logistik" is sufficiently large, from renting a small office in the warehouse for the organization's own client accounting or of personal responsible storage at the warehouse (e.g., furniture) to providing comprehensive storage services.

Beside the rental services our company will also provide the following benefits:

  • -Secure storage of goods on a wide range of storage space;
  • -Operations for unloading / loading of all types of cargo;
  • -Operations of automated inventory control, full and selective inventory management;
  • -Full responsibility for the goods safety;
  • -The necessary office areas, equipped with all kinds of modern communication systems;
  • -Additional service of ready order packaging;
  • -Co-packing, labeling, stickering;

You may request the cost of our services using the special form below, or by filling in the client application form and sending it by e-mail at info@karpatylogistik.com.