logistic complex

Of course, punctuality plays an important role in business. Timely loading, rapid clearance documents, prompt unloading are the important components of successful inventory process. All this formulates the inherent principles of our company.
We are able to maintain various categories of goods, and our maintenance is based high quality and modern technology.

Warehouse complex "Karpaty-Logistik" provides services for mechanical and manual processing of all categories of goods, including:

    -Mechanized loading and unloading of cargo on standard pallets;
   - Mechanized loading and unloading of non-standard and oversize cargo;
    -Manual loading and unloading of packaged general cargo;
    -Booting from a warehouse to the car, container, motor vehicle;
    -Overloading (cross-docking) of cargo from / to train / container / vehicle / store / site.

All work on the cargo processing is done for both the clients, located in the warehouse, and the outside organizations based on a single-service and long-term contracts. The presence of ramps, own railway access road, trucks of different capacity significantly extends the capabilities of our logistics operations.

Cooperation with us helps clients increase the efficiency of their logistics and focus on reaching high results of their business.