logistic complex

Due to long-term experience in the field of cargo handling and warehousing, our company provides logistics services of high quality. Our activities are focused on the needs of the client and therefore allow adjusting the scheme in the storage and transportation of goods to any distance. Storage services are one of the priorities of our company. A wide range of storage and handling enables us to offer customers the most convenient and efficient form of storage services.

We offer the following types of warehousing services to our clients:

• Management and distribution of goods;
• All types of motion at the customs warehouse;
• Loading and unloading facilities;
• Grinding of shipments;
• Sorting, packing, repacking and labeling;

Our employees will select the best type and storage conditions. The main objective of our company is to take into account the needs of the client in the selection of the type of accommodation of goods at one of our logistics terminals.

In order to provide a wide range of storage services it is necessary to have not only space, equipment, and experience. The team of “Karpaty-Logistik” provides regular and new clients with services at all stages of handling - preparation of documents, receiving etc. In addition, one of the aspects of storage services that we provide is to work with the cargo - crushing, packing, sorting, and even labeling of various categories of cargo loads. If the activities of your company can be called foreign economic, “Karpaty-Logistik” offers a wide range of cargo operations at the customs warehouse. How can you be sure of the storage facilities that we provide?

“Karpaty-Logistik” has its own storage facilities, with the total area reaching more than thirty thousand square meters. In addition, the quality of the provision of storage services affects the experience of each of the employees and the success of each project. We now have regular customers including Ukrainian and international companies interested in the storage services of various kinds, and a long list of projects implemented with the optimal use of time and resources. For each new company which is interested in the warehousing  services in Lviv, we develop unique solutions, as well as help at all stages of the process, each of which you can control.